Short Films 2

Forbidden Tikka Masala

di Rahul Chaturvedi, v.o. sott. italiano e inglese, 15’, Canada, 2018

Gayatri, a devoutly religious vegetarian Indian woman, mistakenly eats chicken at her retirement party. Her life is thrown into chaos when she can’t get the succulent taste out of her mind, so she decides to go looking for the recipe through an adventure that will forever change her.

Rahul Chaturvedi

Rahul Chaturvedi is an Indo-Canadian filmmaker. He won the Reel Asian Pitch Competition in 2016 with his short film story, Forbidden Tikka Masala, and was also selected as one of ReelWorld Film Festival’s Emerging 20 Filmmakers in 2017. Prior to making his own film, Chaturvedi was assisting Bollywood director Sardar Talukdar on multicultural shows set in Toronto.

Rogan Josh

di Sanjeev Vig, v. o. sott. italiano e inglese, 17’, India, 2018

A veteran chef of Taj Hotel has invited his family and friends for a dinner at his place on his birthday night. In the end it’s revealed the chef and his family died ten years ago during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks at the Taj Hotel, but his legacy still lives on.

Sanjeev Vig

Sanjeev Vig has worked as 1st assistant director on Naam Shabana and Mein Tera Hero. He has also assisted filmmakers like Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK, Mahesh Bhatt and others.

Roz Khaao Ande

di Neshu Saluja, v. o. sott. italiano e inglese, 30’, India, 2018

A satirical take on the puritan hypocrisy of rural India that depicts the turmoil of an ardent egg-lover who resorts to secretive measures to relish his favourite snack. In the meantime, his conservative village frowns upon people who consume meat and eggs.

Neshu Saluja

Born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh, Neshu Saluja studied film making from Whistling Woods Internationa in Mumbai. He started writing lyrics for short films, singles and jingles for corporate ads. Bhasha was his first one take short film which got recognition in India and abroad and was also screened at River to River 2016. He is now working on his first feature film.

Last Cup of Tea

di Farha Alam, senza dialoghi, 10’, India, 2018

A portrait of a nonagenarian couple and their live-in domestic help, Kajal. We spend her last day of work in the house as she goes on about her daily tasks- cooking, cleaning, mending a broken photograph, almost as she is taking care of two children. A simple and tender look at three distinct lives.

Farha Alam

Farha Alam is a writer and filmmaker originally from Delhi, currently based in Mumbai. She is the director, editor and cinematographer of a feature-length documentary titled The Superstars of Koti, which was premiered at HotDocs Canada 2015. She directed and produced the television series One Stop Science Shop for Da Vinci Media Germany.