8.30 pm

Festival opening

followed by

Kapoor & Sons

Shakun Batra, o.v. Italian and English subt., 140’, India, 2016

Two brothers, Rahul and Arjun Kapoor, go back to their childhood home to join the rest of the family, when their grandfather has a heart attack. A sparkling ensemble comedy that explores the inner world of the main characters, while revealing the fights and secrets of the Kapoor family.

Q&A with actor Rajat Kapoor.

11.00 am

Permanent Roommates – web series

Sameer Saxena, season 1, ep. 1, o.v. English, 15’, India, 2014

After a three-year long-distance relationship, Mikesh returns from the United States and proposes to Tanya. The girl does not seem so sure, though…

followed by the morning talk
Webseries tell us about today’s India.
Eleonora Degrassi, RecenSerie and Mediacritica journalist
Teresa Nannucci, CarnageNews journalist

2:30 pm

Bade Tv Wala

Avadhoot Khanolkar, o.v. Italian and English subt., 28’, India, 2015

Maru, a projectionist, takes us in a journey through India’s oldest cinemas, to show us what the transition from 35mm film to digital cinema involves.

3:00 pm


Sergio Sollima, ep. 1 and 2, o.v. Italian, 116’, Italy, 1976

Sandokan arrives in Mompracem. During an attack on Sir Brooke, he falls into a trap laid out by Colonel Fitzgerald and is treacherously shot, so he falls overboard. The pirate is saved by Marianna and is struck by her beauty. To prove his love to the girl, he goes on a tiger hunt.
Q&A with actor Kabir Bedi.

5.30 pm

The Last Smile

Shankey Srinivasan, o.v. Italian and English subt., 87’, USA, 2016

Based on a true story that inspired the book of the same name, it is about a father who wants justice for his suddenly-deceased son and decides to start a fight against the allegedly-guilty multibillionaire pharmaceutical company.
Q&A with author of the book Jeevan Zutshi.

8:30 pm

Mohenjo Daro

Ashutosh Gowariker, o.v. Italian and English subt., 150’, India, 2016

An epic film about the legendary city of Mohenjo Daro, with Kabir Bedi playing the king. Young Sarman, who has always wanted to move to town, gets there but finds a greed, unfair world led by a corrupted king. Sarman finds that he is fonder of Mohenjo Daro than he thought and fights to save the population from an impending catastrophe.

Q&A with actor Kabir Bedi and director Ashutosh Gowariker

5.00 pm

Permanent Roommates – web series

Sameer Saxena, season I, ep. 2 and 3, o.v. English, 39’, India, 2014

Grappling with a myriad of doubts, Tanya asks that her wedding to be postponed, but it is too late: Mikesh has already told his future father-in-law about the event. While looking for an apartment to share with Tanya, Mikesh moves in with a friend, but the girl is not too happy about the arrangement.

6:00 pm

Desiring the City

Oindrila Duttagupta, o.v. Italian and English subt., 16’, India, 2016

What are your desires? This is the question the director asks some women from New Delhi, who tell about their aspirations and dreams as well as their sexual fantasies, their concerns and the way they relate to the very idea of desire.


6:30 pm

Short films 1, 60′

  1. The Day He Sleeps, Anurag Verma & Ishan Sharma, o.v. Italian and English subt., 20’, India, 2015 FILM INFO
  2. La lune folle, Meneka Das, o.v. Italian and English subt., 11’, UK-India, 2016 FILM INFO
  3. Yellow Tin Can Telephone, Arunima Sharma, o.v. Italian and English subt., 14’, India, 2016 FILM INFO
  4. Silence Radio, Kartik Singh, o.v. Italian and English subt., 15’, France, 2016 FILM INFO

Enigmatic stories poised between dream and mystery.
Q&A with directors Meneka Das and Kartik Singh, and the two music composers Andrew Mackay and Denis Volte.


Jugni (Firefly)

Shefali Bhushan, o.v. Italian and English subt., 113’, India, 2016

Vibhavari, a young music director, is anxious about her first important job. She goes to a small Punjabi village to find Bibi Saroop, a talented local singer. Among traditional melodies and shattering rhythms, after this journey her life will never be the same again and she will also find true love.

3.00 pm

Permanent Roommates – web series

Sameer Saxena, season I, ep. 4 and 5, o.v. English, 71’, India, 2014
Mikesh and Tanya bump into an apartment and… a wedding! A separation seems inevitable, or at least there seems to be nothing else they can agree on, right now…

4:30 pm

Little India Big Business

Bal Brach, o.v. Italian and English subt.,45’, Canada, 2016

The business behind Indian weddings in Canada, amidst huge extravaganzas and the couples’ equally huge efforts.

5:30 pm


Sergio Sollima, ep. 3 and 4, o.v. Italian, 119’, Italy, 1976
Colonel Fitzgerald asks Marianna to marry him, but the girl elopes with Sandokan. They are found, and the pirate has to surrender. By faking death, he manages to escape and sends his friend Yanez to tell Marianna. But, after drinking a spiked drink, Yanez reveals everything.

8:30 pm

Budhia Singh, Born To Run

Soumendra Padhi, o.v. Italian and English subt.,100’, India, 2016

A biopic about little Budhia Singh, whose talent for running is discovered by judo trainer Biranchi Das, who turns him into the youngest marathon runner ever. An intense story that gives food for thought and shows behind-the-scenes episodes about the hero’s great talent.
Q&A with director  Soumendra Padhi

4.00 pm

Permanent Roommates – web series

Deepak Kumar Mishra, season II, ep. 1 and 2, o.v. English, 80’, India, 2016

Unexpected news bring Mikesh and Tanya together again, they have a discussion, and, as usual, it never rains but it pours. The time has come to speed up the preparations and put things right.

5:30 pm

Cities of Sleep

Shaunak Sen,  o.v. Italian and English subt.,74’, India, 2015

This documentary film follows two homeless people for a few nights: every time, Shakeel moves to a different place, often ruled by the sleep mafia. Ranjeet lives in a community under a bridge that hosts lots of people in a makeshift cinema. The pressures of the mafia and the monsoons turn sleep into a matter of life and death.

7:00 pm

Short films 2, 61′

  1. Leeches, Payal Sethi, o.v. Italian and English subt.,28’, India, 2016 FILM INFO
  2. Valery’s Suitcase, Arshad Khan, o.v. Italian and English subt.,14’, Canada, 2016 FILM INFO
  3. Bhasha, Neshu Saluja, o.v. Italian and English subt.,7’, India, 2016 FILM INFO
  4. Chaukat (Frame), Umesh Mohan Bagade, o.v. Italian and English subt.,12’, India, 2016 FILM INFO
    Intertwined personal relationships.

8:30 pm


Anu Menon, o.v. Italian and English subt.,94’, India, 2015

Young Tara is in hospital, waiting for news about her husband who is in a coma. Here, she meets Shiv, who goes there every day to see his wife who is in the same state. In this seemingly endless wait, the two become friends and share moments of hope and frustration.

Q&A with director Anu Menon.

11.00 am

In Her Words. The Journey of Indian Women

Annie Zaidi, o.v. Italian and English subt.,44’, India, 2016

The story of women in Indian culture as told through the voices of some women writers, speaking of change, from the mythological figures of the ancient poems to the female characters of modern literature.

followed by the morning talk
Is India a women-friendly country? Cultural stereotypes and new female roles in film and theatre
Fabrizia Baldissera, Associate Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature (and Cultural traditions of India), Department of Comparative Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Florence

Marco Restelli, Professor of Indian Studies, University of Milan, Journalist and specialist in India and the Far East

3:00 pm


Sergio Sollima, ep. 5 and 6, o.v. Italian, 114’, Italy, 1976

Sandokan attacks Colonel Fitzgerald to save Marianna, and Yanez weds them. One year later, a cholera outbreak brought to the island by Sir Brooke spreads to Mompracem. Marianna is lethally wounded in a gunshot. The only thing Sandokan can do is run away towards the sea.

5:00 pm

Rangaa Patangaa

Prasad Namjoshi, o.v. Italian and English subt.,103’, India, 2015

Jumman, a farmer, has lost his young bullocks Rangaa and Patangaa, that he loved as if they were his family. Desperate, he goes to the police who however refuse to help him. With his friend Popat, he tries to find them at all costs, going so far as to involve the local press.

7:00 pm

Advantage India

Screening of the short film winners of the Advantage India competition.

Anjaan, Pulkit Goyal, o.v. Italian and English subt.,7’, India, 2016 FILM INFO

Laugh, Akshay Choubey, o.v. Italian and English subt.,10’, India, 2015 FILM INFO

8:30 pm

Announcement of the winners of the River to River Audience Award.

followed by


Leena Yadav o.v. Italian and English subt.,116’, India, 2016

Set in colourful, charming Rajasthan, it tells the story of four women and their daily rebellion against male authority. A story of hopes and inner fights that eventually leads the women to emancipation.
Q&A with actress Radhika Apte.