8.30 pm

Festival opening

Followed by


Amit Masurkaro.v. Italian and English subt., 105’, India, 2017

2017’s wonder film, screened at the latest Berlin Film Festival and India’s entry for Oscars 2018.

Newton, in charge of a voting station in the midst of the jungle, wants to make sure everything will run smoothly. Amidst organisational complications and the hostility of his colleagues at the polling station, that will be an experience he will not easily forget…

Q&A with producer Manish Mundra.

11 am

East is East

Damien O’Donnello.v. Italian subt, 93’, UK, 1999

A hugely successful comedy with Om Puri – who died in January 2017 – in which a Pakistani man lives with his British wife and their seven children in Seventies London.

2.30 pm

It’s not that simple

Season 1, ep.1 and 2, o.v. in English, 54’, India, 2016

Meera, Jayesh, Sameer and Rajiv live a peaceful life until what should have been a harmless school reunion will bring them together and nothing will ever be the same again.

3.30 pm

Angamaly Diaries

Lijo Jose Pellisseryo.v. Italian and English subt., 129’, India, 2017

Starring 85 beginning actors and paced by a catchy soundtrack, the film tells the story of two local gangs, bringing the audience into the colourful world of Angamaly, a small town in Southern India.

6 pm


Yasmin e Fazal Kidwai, o.v. Italian subt., 78’, India, 2017

Bollywood: what it really is and how it is generally perceived, with interviews with the most popular stars, such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan.

Q&A with directors Yasmin and Fazal Kidwai.

From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the Mymovies Saletta.

360-degree vision of short films in vr.

8.30 pm

Shab (The Night)

Onir, o.v. Italian and English subt., 108’, India, 2017

The dreams and aspirations of the residents of the megalopolis of New Delhi amidst intertwined loves, vices and fates.

Q&A with director Onir.

11  am

Quel giorno – morte di Gandhi

italian, 39’, footage by Rai Teche

Followed by the morning talk

Beyond the legend. What is left of the Mahatma today.


Rocco Altieri, pacifist, expert in non-violence philosophy, professor at Pisa University and founder of Mahatma Gandhi International Nonviolence Centre.

Fabrizia Baldissera, Associate Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature (and Cultural traditions of India), Department of Comparative Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Florence.

2.30 pm

It’s not that simple

Season 1, ep.3 and 4, o.v. in English 54’, India, 2016

After temptations and difficult choices, Meera comes to weigh all the pros and cons.
What will she choose? And, above all, whom will she choose?

3.30 pm


Richard Attenborough, o.v. Italian subt., 183’, UK-India, 1982

A biopic about the Mahatma Gandhi, starring Ben Kingsley and winner of eight Academy Awards, that tells the highlights in Gandhi’s life, from his life as a young lawyer to his death, on January 30th 1948, shortly after the Indian independence on August 15th 1947.

From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the Mymovies Saletta.
360-degree vision of short films in vr.

7 pm

Short Films 1, 42’

And sometimes, she loved me too by Karan Talwar, o.v. Italian subt., 15’, India, 2017

A Secret Heart by Cary Sawhney, o.v. Italian subt., 16’, UK, 2016

Shvaasa by Vishnu Thilak, no dialogues, 11’, India, 2017

Romance and coupledom.

Q&A with Parag Sankhe, producer of A Secret Heart.

8.30 pm

My Pure Land

Sarmad Masud, o.v. Italian and English subt., 97’, UK, 2017

The true story of young Nazo, who, left alone with her mother and sister after the death of her father and brother, has to defend tooth and nail her home in the barren land of Pakistan. An intense, modern western with a feminine twist. UK entry for Oscars 2018.

Q&A with actress Suhaee Abro.

11 am


Niara Modi, o.v. Italian subt., 12’, Canada, 2016

Laila decides to cook a traditional Indian dish to commemorate her mother and invites all the family for dinner. She cannot remember the exact recipe but she will find something unexpected at home…

Followed by the morning talk

The flavour and secrets of Indian spices and food, and how to use them in our dishes.


Barù, TV host and columnist, food writer

Umar Malik, chef and owner of the Indian restaurant Zafferano

2 pm

It’s not that simple

Season 1, ep.5 and 6, o.v. in English, 59’, India, 2016

Aware at last of the kind of woman she wants to be, Meera tells her secret to Jayesh, her husband. Will their marriage survive?
In the meantime, Jayesh bumps into something weird…

3 pm

Short Films 2, 43′

Kajal by Paakhi A. Tyrewala, o.v. Italian and English subt., 21’, India, 2016

The Machine by Tathagata Chatterjee, o.v. Italian and English subt., 7’, India, 2017

Vaarasa by Shreyas Chougule, o.v. Italian and English subt., 15’, India, 2017

Inadequacy and the heavy burden of routine.

4 pm


Deepa Mehta, o.v. Italian subt., 110’, India-Canada, 1998

A film from the Elements Trilogy, set in Lahore in 1947, the year of Partition and Indian Independence. After such date, the heroes’ lives will never be the same again, as they will be divided by their religion.

Q&A via skype with director Deepa Mehta.

6.30 pm

What is your brown number?

Vinnie Ann Bose, o.v. Italian subt., 5’, India, 2016

An animated film that speaks of skin colour in a modern, fun way.

Followed by


Arshad Khan, o.v. Italian and English subt., 80’, Canada, 2017

An autobiography that starts with the 1947 Partition, when the director’s parents emigrated to Pakistan, as Muslims, then to Canada. What it means to grow in a Muslim family with strict parents when you are gay and have to do with the world after September 11.

Q&A with director Arshad Khan.

From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the Mymovies Saletta.
360-degree vision of short films in vr.

8.30 pm

Wrong Side Raju

Mikhil Musale, o.v. Italian and English subt., 135’, India, 2016

Based on a real-life event that took place in Ahmedabad in 2013, this thriller tells the story of young Raju, who, besotted with a French girl he would do anything for, gets entangled in a mysterious case …

6 pm

Short film winners of the Advantage India competition

Layam by Gopi Krishnan, o.v. Italian and English subt., 12’, India, 2017

The Coat by Anita Sharma, o.v. Italian and English subt., 15’, India, 2017

From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the Mymovies Saletta. 

360-degree vision of short films in vr.

7 pm


Vrinda Samartha, o.v. Italian and English subt., 60’, India, 2017

Emancipation through jogging as well as exercise for Indian women, with the further aim of organising charity marathons.

8.30 pm


Rajesh Mapuskar, o.v. Italian and English subt., 140’, India, 2016

An entire family gathered at a hospital to assist an old relative wired to a machine. A family reunion that unveils disagreements and feelings among fathers and sons, with a sprinkling of irony adding colour to the characters and their features. Starring Ashutosh Gowariker and produced by Priyanka Chopra.

6.30 pm

Ask the sexpert

Vaishali Sinha, o.v. Italian subt., 82’, USA-India, 2017

The 93-year-old former gynaecologist Mahinder Vatsa runs a daily sex column on a Mumbai newspaper, answering all sorts of questions. This documentary explores – with humour – how much men and women of all ages know about sexual education in India.

From 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the Mymovies Saletta.
360-degree vision of short films in vr.

8.30 pm

Announcement of the winners of the

River to River Audience Award

Followed by


Hansal Mehta, o.v. Italian and English subt., 96’, India, 2017

Inspired by a real story, it tells the life of Omar Sheikh, the terrorist who kidnapped some Western tourists in India in 1994 and committed other deplorable crimes, including the murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl. Sheikh is currently in prison in Pakistan.

Q&A with director Hansal Mehta.