thursday, december 6
8:30 pm

Festival Opening

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by Rohena Gera, o.v. Italian and English subt., 99’, India-France, 2018

Can social taboos keep two opposing but mutually-attracted worlds apart? An outstanding cast for this directorial debut, which received a standing ovation at the Semaine de la Critique of Festival de Cannes 2018 and will be out in Italian cinemas in 2019.

Q&A with director Rohena Gera.

Friday, december 7
3:00 pm

Bisht, Please!

Season I, ep. 1 and 2, o.v. in English, 48’, India, 2017

Neetu finds out that her boyfriend is being unfaithful and her family, worried, arranges a marriage for her. To avoid getting married, the girl asks her boss for a pay rise.

4:00 pm


by Rahul Srivastava, o.v. Italian and English subt., 15’, India, 2018

A father’s ambitions for his son and envy of other people’s success. However, an event will change their lives forever …

Q&A with lyricist Anant Mutreja.

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An Engineered dream

by Hemant Gaba, o.v. Italian and English subt., 72’, India-Japan-South Korea-Singapore-Taiwan, 2018

The lives of three boys and the pressures of their families: becoming an engineer, whatever it costs… A glance at what has turned out to be a national social drama in the last decades.

6:00 pm

The Lift Boy

by Jonathan Augustin, o.v. Italian and English subt., 106’, India, 2018

Raju is studying to become an engineer but he has to stop and replace his father as a liftboy. By getting to know the residents of the apartment block, he discovers a secret that his father had hidden from him. Based on an incredible true story.

8:30 pm

3 Storeys

by Arjun Mukerjee, o.v. Italian and English subt., 100’, India, 2018

Three stories intertwine in a chawl – an apartment block – in Mumbai. The seemingly ordinary lives of unassumingly-looking people turn out to be secretly interconnected. An ensemble cast and an absolutely unthinkable ending.

Q&A with director Arjun Mukerjee.

saturday, december 8
11.00 am


by Franz Osten 105’, no dialogues, UK-Germany-India, 1928

The enchanting, romantic black and white story of the Taj Mahal, with sumptuous costumes and breath-taking sights. Restored by the British Film Institute National Archive, with a soundtrack composed by Anoushka Shankar, winner of a Grammy Award.

3:00 pm

Fanney Khan 

by Atul Manjrekar, o.v. Italian and English subt., 130’, India, 2018

What happens when a father’s failed musical ambitions and dreams of success are relived through his teenager daughter? All sorts of things! A satire about show business, with unexpected twists and turns. Starring the famous Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Ray Bachchan.

6:00 pm

Meditazione con i Beatles

by Furio Colombo, italian, 30’, Italy, 1968

Nel 1968, Furio Colombo decided to follow and film the Beatles throughout their journey to Rishikesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas, to meditate under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogy.

Q&A with director Furio Colombo.

8:30 pm


by Akarsh Khurana, o.v. Italian and English subt., 115’, India, 2018

Avinash loses his father in an accident but is delivered the wrong body… An irresistible on-the-road comedy, masterly played by the international star Irrfan Khan.

Q&A with director Akarsh Khurana.

sunday, december 9 
11.00 am

Everything is Upstream

by Martin Ponferrada, o.v. Italian and English subt., 10’, Australia-Philippines-Korea-Thailand-Tibet-China, 2017

A journey in the human mind and into the unconscious. An animated short film, exploring the dreams of some Buddhist monks.

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Curiosity and Imagination: a dialogue between cultures


Svamini Shuddhananda Ghiri, Hindu nun

Anna Maria Shinnyo Marradi, Buddhist nun and Zen Master

3:00 pm

Grandir au Ladakh

by Christiane Mordelet and Stanzin Dorjai, o.v. Italian and English subt., 52’, France, 2018

The life of 12-year-old Padma and her inseparable little sister in Ladakh, 4300 metres above sea level, on the Himalayan plateau. The residents’ powerfully cooperative spirit and determination will make the obstacles they have to face easier to bear.

Q&A with director Christiane Mordelet.

4:30 pm

Kalachakra: the Enlightenment

by Natalie Fuchs, o.v. Italian and English subt., 83’, France, 2017

The Wheel of Time is the highest form of initiation in Tibetan Buddhism. Here, this rarely-filmed ceremony is seen through the director’s eyes and narrated by Uma Thurman.

6:00 pm

T for Taj Mahal

by Kireet Khurana, o.v. Italian and English subt., 104’, India, 2018

With an intriguing script and a genius idea behind it all, by combining two of India’s strengths, food and the Taj Mahal, the film tells about one of the problems that the remote villages of this huge country have to face: primary education.

Q&A with director Kireet Khurana.

8:30 pm


by Anubhav Sinha, o.v. Italian and English subt., 140’, India, 2018

Muslims and Hindus in India: a past of cohabitation, a present of prejudice and conflict. Aarthi Malhotra Mohammed, a Hindu lawyer, fights to defend her husband’s Muslim family, targeted by the law and by the community’s resentment after a terroristic attack. An intense film, based on a true story.

Q&A with actress Taapsee Pannu.

monday, december 10 
3:30 pm

Bisht, Please!

season I, ep. 3 and 4, o.v. in English, 58’, India, 2017

Soham, Neetu’s best friend, persuades her to date a boy who is very different from her. In the meantime, Anjali, one of Neetu’s old acquaintances, arranges a school reunion.

4:30 pm

Short Films 1


by Shiladitya Moulik, o.v. Italian and English subt., 10’, India, 2018

A Cold Summer Night 

by Yash Sawant, o.v. Italian and English subt., 21’, India, 2018


by Vibha Gulati, o.v. Italian and English subt., 20’, USA, 2018

Pesum por chithirame

by Sabarivasan Shanmugam, o.v. Italian and English subt., 20’, India, 2018

Upsetting revelations, a desperate escape towards a better future, a bittersweet ending.

Q&A with director Vibha Gulati.

6:00 pm


by Jeremy Guy, o.v. Italian and English subt., 71’, USA-India, 2018

Can one play cricket wearing a hijab? The author tells the story of a Muslim family in Mumbai, whose three daughters fight poverty, social pressure and family problems to pursue their ambitions.

8:30 pm

Chitra (Nude)

by Ravi Jadhav, o.v. Italian and English subt., 105’, India, 2018

A strong woman with a unconventional job, who defies widespread prejudice. A film full of emotions, dialogues sprinkled with humour, and a well-thought-out photography. With the great actor Naseeruddin Shah in a cameo appearance.

tuesday, december 11
4:30 pm

Advantage India winners


by Priyanka Banerjee, o.v. Italian and English subt., 11’, India, 2018


by Katyayan Shivpuri, o.v. Italian and English subt., 4’, India, 2018

5:00 pm

Bisht, Please!

Season I, ep. 5 and 6, o.v. in English, 60’, India, 2017

Neetu is getting ready to fly to Bangalore and gets trapped in a multitude of mishaps. After a row with Soham, the girl thinks having a man by her side is essential but she soon realises this is not the case.

6:00 pm

Short Films 2

Forbidden Tikka Masala

by Rahul Chaturvedi, o.v. Italian and English subt., 15’, Canada, 2018

Rogan Josh

by Sanjeev Vig, o.v. Italian and English subt., 17’, India, 2018

Roz Khaao Ande 

by Neshu Saluja, o.v. Italian and English subt., 30’, India, 2018

Last Cup of Tea

by Farha Alam, no dialogues, 10’, India, 2018

Food as self-discovery, as a way to join, oppose and share.

Q&A with actress of Rogan Josh Avantika Akerkar.

8:30 pm

Announcement of the winners of the River to River Audience Award.

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Manmarziyaan (Husband Material)

by Anurag Kashyap, v. o. sott. italiano e inglese, 157’, India, 2018

First screened at Toronto Festival 2018, this romantic comedy tells the story of young Rumi, a restless free spirit, caught up in a love triangle. A Bollywood-style film, moving at the whirlwind rhythm of Punjabi music, which will keep the audience glued to their seats till the very last. With Abhishek Bachchan.

Q&A with actress Taapsee Pannu.