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ElseVR is a mixed reality channel magazine and it brings extraordinary and urgent stories to Virtual Reality (VR), granting the audience an entry “into” the story. By shattering the barrier between the viewer and the subject, VR has the power to elicit enquiry and empathy.
Published online as a quarterly, each story facilitates collaborations between filmmakers, writers and designers to amplify the power of narrative. ElseVR is Asia’s first dedicated virtual reality platform, bringing forth extraordinary real-life stories to evoke conversations and inspire action.
The magazine is the VR platform from Memesys Culture Lab.

Memesys Culture Lab is a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. Memesys is a new studio dedicated to crafting high-concept, experientially rich work in cinema and new media. The studio actively participates in cinema, literature, pedagogy, technology, art, scientific and philosophical research, and actions of significant social impact. The vision at Memesys is to initiate dialogue, engage with the greatest ideas of past and present, and interpret and demystify current breakthroughs in our understanding of the self and the universe.


Right To Pray di Khushboo Ranka (8’)
Submerged, Refugees in their own land di Nishtha Jain (8’)
Yeh Ballet di Sooni Taraporevala (15’)
When All Land Is Lost , Do We Eat Coal? di Faiza Khan (9’)
When Borders Move di Shubhangi Swarup (6’)