Vinnie Ann Bose

english- italian subt.
5’, col., digital file, India, 2016

Vinnie Ann Bose

Vinnie Ann Bose

Rajat Dholakia

The film talks about how in India everyone wants to be light skinned, and how there is a sense of idealism and beauty associated with fair skin, whereas it is negativity and repulsion that is associated with dark skin.
In this film, a concept of brown number has been introduced. Every person is born with a respective brown number that corresponds to the shade of their skin: darker the shade, higher the brown number, lower the worth.

Vinnie Ann Bose is a graduate student from National Institute of Design specializing in Animation Film Design. In a country like India where there are multitude of cultures, languages and traditions mingling with each other, there is a peculiar story in every corner waiting to be told. One such story is What Is Your Brown Number.