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Grant St. Shaving Co
english and hindi - italian and english subt., 15’, col., hdcam, USA-India, 2010

Payal Sethi

James Demetri

Surai Das

Sagar Desai

Aadya Bedi, Ankur Bhatia, Krishen Mehta, Pia Shah

Payal Sethi

An elderly widower is visiting his workaholic daughter, Radha, in New York; he wanders through the streets to replace his favourite razor, a first anniversary present from his late wife. Along the way, he meets a friendly delivery guy who takes him on the scenic route down memory lane, back to the same shop, where his wife bought the gift.

Payal Sethi
Payal Sethi started writing at the age of nine, when her grandmother took to translating Hadley Chase’s novels into Tamil. Twenty days before her graduation she met the filmmaker Mira Nair, who was about to win The Golden Lion at Venice for Moonsoon Wedding. Heading a film financing, development and production company brought her to the point of embarking on her journey with Grant St. Shaving Co. Her next project is a feature entitled Ooty Queen, a story of female bonding and empowerment through beauty, with a heavy dose of humour and a touch of camp.