Cinema La Compagnia
Via Cavour 50 r, Florence

Unless otherwise stated, all films will be screened in the Sala Grande of Cinema La Compagnia.
To access cinema La Compagnia it is necessary to exhibit the Green Pass.
For the entire duration of the screenings it is compulsory to wear surgical or FFP2 face masks

All Q&As with Festival guests are available in the movie theatre and online on the River to River Facebook page and YouTube channel.


4.30 pm
Bhumchu – The Drops of Eternal Life by Abanti Sinha, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 2021, 40’
[also online HERE until the end of the Festival]
A documentary that takes the viewer through the Buddhist festival of Bhumchu, celebrating the importance and the sacred role of water.

6.00 pm
SHORTS 1. Stories of little girls, young women and women.
[also online HERE until the end of the Festival]

Ek Duaa by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 2021, 19’
An Indian family’s need to have a first-born son.

The Song we Sang by Aarti Neharsh, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 2020, 20’
Krishna and Alia meet at the religious festival of Navaratri and something instantly clicks between them. So they decide to get away from the roaring crowds and let their feelings flow freely out.

Kanya by Apoorva Satish, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 2020, 15’
A girl’s dream to become a professional swimmer is hugely hindered as she gets her first period.

My mirror by Franziska Schönenberger and Jayakrishnan Subramanian, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 2021, 18’
A bored young bride neglected by her husband spends quite a lot of time on MyMirror, an app where she meets and chats with new people, jeopardising her marriage.
Q&A in the movie theatre with directors Franziska Schönenberger e Jayakrishnan Subramanian.

6.00 pm
Screening in the MyMovies room
Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Nikhil Advani, season 1, ep 5 and 6, v.o. in English, India, 2021, 92’
[also online HERE until the end of the Festival]
The heroes have to face critical situations. In the hospital, tension is palpable, the terrorist attacks are getting nearer, and the medical team tries to reduce the hysteria and the number of casualties.

20.30 pm
Charulata by Satyajit Ray, v.o. subt. Italian, English, India, 1964, 117’
Calcutta, 1880. The beautiful Charulata spends her life in the sumptuous Victorian palace isolated from the outside world, with her idealistic intellectual and adoring husband Bhupati.
One day, Bhupati’s younger cousin Amal arrives at the palace…
Masterpiece by Ray, for which he wins the Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlin Film Festival in 1964.