River to River Florence Indian Film Festival – Best of 2020
14-15 May 2021
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour 50 rosso – Florence

If not marked differently, all screenings will take place in the main hall of Cinema La Compagnia.

Festival Pass 15,00 €
Single ticket 6,00 €
Virtual reality 3,00 €

Tickets are on sale at the counter and online on this link: https://cinemalacompagnia.ticka.it/


4.30 pm
Charulata by Satyajit Ray, o.v. Italian, English subt.,  India, 1964, 117′
Inspired by a Rabindranath Tagore story and winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlin 1965, the film talks about Charu, a woman living in Calcutta in the late 19th century, in privileged but extremely lonely conditions.

7 pm – Greetings and welcome [also live online]

Photograph by Ashutosh Pathak, animation, o.v. Italian, English subt., India, 2020, 4′
Photograph is a portrait of life during the pandemic, a soul-searching and a wish to be kind to others in this new world.

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Kadakh by Rajat Kapoor, o.v. Italian, English subt., India, 2019, 99’
A group of friends meet for Diwali – the Festival of Lights – one of India’s most important celebrations. An ensemble cast for a dark comedy full of twists and turns.
Q&A with director Rajat Kapoor.


10 am
Presentation and teaser of the film in virtual reality , viewable in the MyMovies Screening Room
The Italian Baba – My Cave in India by Elio Germano and Omar Rashid
Q&A with Folco Terzani and Omar Rashid. 

from 11 am to 5 pm – MyMovies Screening Room
The Italian Baba – My Cave in India by Elio Germano and Omar Rashid, Italian and English, Italia, 2020, 20’
An adaptation of Folco Terzani’s Barefoot On The Earth, this virtual reality work is an inward journey set in some desolate Indian lands, in search of a spiritual guide, as told by the voice of Elio Germano.

11 am
8 ½ by Federico Fellini, Italian, 1963, 138′
Fellini’s masterpiece, in which Guido Anselmi, the main character played by Marcello Mastroianni, goes over the events and the people he met in his life. Winner of many awards, including an Oscar, 8 ½ has some points in common with Nayak by Satyajit Ray.

2.30 pm
Indian Himalaya by Matteo Aghemo, no dialogues, India, 2020, 6’
A journey through the remotest and least known areas of the subcontinent, in the attempt to capture scenes of daily life that go beyond the usual stereotypes.

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Buddha of the Chadar by Sean Whitaker, o.v. Italian, English subt., India, 2020, 28’
A father and son go on a pilgrimage along an ancient Himalayan track, to bring a bronze Buddha statue to a remote monastery on the mountains.

3.30 pm
Nayak by Satyajit Ray, o.v. Italian, English subt., India, 1966, 120′
While on a train, Arindam, a movie star, goes over his professional and personal life, revealing all to Aditi, a journalist. Starring Sharmila Tagore and Uttam Kumar, this film has many points in common with Federico Fellini’s 8 ½.

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“Similarities between Nayak by Satyajit Ray and 8 ½ by Federico Fellini.”
In conversation with Meheli Sen, Associate Professor, South Asian and Global Cinemas, Rutgers University of New Jersey.
[also live online]

7.30 pm
Manny by Dace Puce, o.v. Italian, English subt., India, 2020, 71’
Maya travels from India to Latvia, where she deals with three kinds of love: a real one, an imaginary one, and a virtual one. The dynamics among men, women and Artificial Intelligence plunge into a Black Mirror-like vibe.
Q&A with director Dace Puce and actor Sonal Sehgal.