We are committed to protecting the environment by reducing risks and making responsible choices that mitigate our environmental impact, and promote waste reduction, a responsible use of resources and proper waste disposal.
To find out more, click HERE to view our environmental Policy.
To coincide with the 23rd Festival, we decided to take a few effective measures for environmental and social sustainability.

Reduction of CO2 emissions and other pollutants
Cinema La Compagnia is within easy reach by public transport. For details about how to get there, click HERE.
If you use public transport, you will get a discount!
All our guests will be accommodated near Cinema La Compagnia, so they can walk or use public transport to get around.

Reduction of paper waste
We use FSC-certified paper and minimise paper waste by digitising all our programmes and information. Click HERE to download the programme.
Help us reduce paper waste by buying your ticket online.

Waste management
The Festival’s venues will implement an accurate separate waste collection system, in compliance with the applicable municipal regulations.
In addition to providing healthy organic food, our caterer Nura uses no plastics or unnecessary packages.

The inclusive architecture of Cinema La Compagnia offers the greatest accessibility to all users.